Beth Wingate


Beth-WingateThe APMP UK Chapter’s 11th Annual Conference promises to be the biggest and best yet! Your conference organizers have packed the agenda of this year’s conference, Capture Planning – The Moves to Win, with new and thought-provoking topics, showcasing an impressive team of speakers ready to share industry best practices, thought-provoking information, and new developments shaping the future of our profession.

During my APMP International briefing on Day 1 of the conference, I’m looking forward to sharing how APMP is serving our members across the UK, Europe, and the world and discussing our new APMP Communities, certification efforts, and plans for 2014 and the future.

Along with more than 25 interactive workshops and seminars over the next two days, we have plenty of networking opportunities—including the legendary APMP UK Black Tie Awards Dinner—allowing time to connect with colleagues, commiserate about common challenges, gain new perspectives, and celebrate the camaraderie within our APMP community.

Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone around you, attend all the sessions you can, ask questions, and contribute to conversations in sessions and networking events. At every APMP regional and international conference, I look forward to meeting new colleagues and experiencing many ah ha moments. Take lots of notes so you can share your ah ha’s with your team back at the office—and be sure to check out any publications suggested by the speakers. (I leave every conference with a collection of new books downloaded to my iPad!)

Take time to visit with those exhibiting at this year’s conference. There’s a great lineup of companies with products and services ready to help make life easier—or at least smoother—for you and your team. As AppMaven, I have a number of them on my list to visit while I’m here.

I want to extend a special thank you to the APMP UK conference organizers and volunteers for putting together this wonderful event. Be sure to thank them when you see them—and consider volunteering to help at next year’s APMP UK Conference and at your local chapter events!

Congratulations to the APMP UK chapter, current and past chapter chairs, and all of your many volunteers for the tremendous work you’ve done in positioning APMP UK as the largest APMP chapter in the world!

Here’s to a great conference experience!

Beth Wingate, APMP Fellow
APMP Chief Executive Officer


Bill Foster

Bids after Brontë, Ransome & Simenon

Bill-FosterWould-be writers are often told to read widely before picking up a pen. Bill Foster believes proposals also benefit from such scrutiny and often uses classics in storyboard and wider training.

About Bill

Next January, Bill Foster marks 20 years in bids, 15 of these leading bid consultancy and training at Foster Brandt.

Bill’s key interests are in bid analysis; tool creation; and higher-level writing. He is also an experienced bid scorer, who has devised scoring and specifications across Europe.

Although new to APMP, Bill is known across the UK as trainer and mentor to 4,200+ bidders via open and in-house programmes.

Beyond the UK, Bill has specialised in grants work, including bringing ex-combatant communities together in reconstruction projects in Bosnia. In Brussels his roles have included running and improving EU bid frameworks.

In 2009-10, Bill led a team devising the BID4 response model, created from a bid scorer perspective.

Bill also draws on skills acquired from spending ten years in journalism and TV.

Colleen Jolly

Winning in the Dragons' Den

Collen-JollyTop seven secrets for winning oral proposals

About Colleen

Colleen Jolly, PPF.APMP, a 13+ year proposal veteran, manages 24 Hour Company, a global professional proposal graphic company with offices in the US and UK. Colleen is very active in the APMP and serves as the current COO of the international board. She is also a former layout editor for the APMP Journal and former secretary of the NCA chapter. She became an APMP Fellow in 2010.

She is a frequent speaker and writer on creative and general business topics worldwide, and has spoken at most APMP conferences around the world. Her personal blog on travel and international business is:

Cynthia C. Hollinsworth

How to win BIG in China

Cynthia HollinsworthHow to be successful in winning mega deals. Understand cultural do’s and don’ts. Gain knowledge of key topics in Asian contracts. Ensure you get paid

About Cynthia

Cynthia has over 20 years’ experience in international contracts and has negotiated in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Fluent in French and German, Cynthia is a member of IACCM and was elected Fellow of the Institute of Export in 2013.

While working for several years in the US, she was appointed lead subject matter expert for the NASBITE (North American Small Business International Trade Educators) Certified Global Business Professional Exam (, and also worked with universities to develop on-line training courses for the trade finance domain of the exam.

Since 2010 Cynthia has been working for Siemens Enterprise Communications as Director Global Contracts Management. Last year she received a Gold Acclaim Award in special recognition of her contribution to the business.

Dave McCormack

Innovation and the use of 3D printing

dave mccormackHow we can use the 3D world in the production of models. Point cloud scanning technologies and other innovative solutions to enhance bid offerings.

About Dave

Dave has been producing and enhancing submissions for a range of clients for over 18 years. From the early days of PFI, he has worked with clients to enhance their submissions, developing a number of techniques and workflow concepts to ensure that clients save time and money.

Dave leads Hobs in the development of bidding services and has been at the forefront of the developments in digital and hard copy technologies. By crossing all the company’s service strands, he is in a unique position to offer advice and guidance to clients on how to improve their value propositions.

We continually investigate ways to enhance our clients’ presentations and submissions, and strive to lead digital innovation.