Robert Weaver

Breaking out of the sector silo

Robert.weaverA personal perspective on the status of the profession of bid management. This entertaining talk will consider the question of whether subject matter expertise is a necessity for bid managers.

About Robert

An experienced bid manager, Rob Weaver passed the APMP’s foundation exam in October 2012.

He is responsible for managing complex bids along the bid management cycle and spends much of his time challenging sales and senior colleagues to reflect customer priorities in bid material.

Rob has worked extensively as bid manager, bid writer and strategic consultant in sectors including security, aviation, criminal justice, training & education and offender learning. He has been responsible for winning work from a myriad of public and private sector clients.
Formerly Rob was a contracts manager in the public sector, overseeing the procurement of business support and training services.

Scott Keyser & Arsim Shillova

Capture planning & management: is it for SMEs?

photo-Scott-ArsimIs capture planning and management just a game for the big boys - or can it be simplified and applied by SMEs to boost their chances of winning bids?

About Scott & Arsim

Scott Keyser is an international BD consultant who helps organisations connect with their clients and prospects to make their sales messages clear, concise and compelling. He helped Ernst & Young UK to double its tender win-rate, has trained staff of 'The Economist' in writing skills since 2004 and has written a book on proposals best practice, due out in November 2013.

Arsim Shillova is a capture management specialist and international BD professional who has worked globally with large private and public sector clients. Arsim has extensive experience in capture team development, capture planning and win strategy development. He is skilled in delivering effective business solutions to optimise bid management and secure major wins in the defence & security, GEO and IT sectors.

Simon Morton

Pitch presentations: a blended approach

Simon MortonEvery business needs its pitch to stand out. Using modern technology and delivery requires a delicate balance. Making the most of innovation without overshadowing your message is crucial.

About Simon

Simon's early career within a global technology company exposed him to more PowerPoint presentations than was good for him. Instead of crumbling, Simon decided to tackle the problem head on.
In 2004, he founded Eyeful Presentations with one aim: to rid the world of ‘death by PowerPoint’. Since then, Eyeful has evolved into a partner for global businesses, enabling them to better communicate their messages and engage with their audiences.

Launched in 2013, Eyeful Labs is an immersive environment for presentation specialists to gather, sharing thoughts, ideas and methodologies. The team develops presentations in all standard formats as well as interactive whiteboard and good old-fashioned hard copy, whilst also addressing delivery skills and new thinking around the future of presentations.

Tony Birch

Why capture? - isn’t it all about price!

Tony-BirchAfter attending this presentation, participants will understand the importance of the capture phase of business development - and how doing it well will help them improve their win rate.

About Tony Birch

Tony Birch is the founder and Managing Director of Shipley Limited in the UK. Elected a Fellow in 2006, Tony served on the main board of the APMP for four years. A fully accredited proposal professional under the APMP accreditation programme, Tony’s background is in sales in the defence & IT sectors.

Since founding Shipley, Tony has trained sales and bid professionals around the world. He works with companies in sectors as diverse as automotive, construction, defence, finance, information management, insurance, IT services and telecoms.