Hugh Graham

Hugh-GrahamHow the laws of physics can help you win more bids

  • Communication obeys the fundamental laws of the universe
  • Why face to face communications are so important in this high tech age
  • The role of rapport, trust & credibility in decision making

About Hugh

Hugh has many years’ experience in senior sales, marketing and account management positions, working for well-known brands such a Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, SC Johnson and Littlewoods.

The Bid Coach delivers communications support based solely around new business opportunities that you are working towards winning.

This means we most often work with your team when they are shortlisted for a “must win” project and the client asks to interview the operational operations team as part of the selection process.

We work with them to develop their communication skills and techniques, team-working skills and awareness of non-verbal communication signals.


The universe is governed by fundamental laws that dictate everything. Many of the greatest minds in history have been preoccupied with understanding these laws.

Since we are an integral part of the universe, are we and everything we do bound by the same laws?

Hugh will look at several of the universal laws, how they are relevant to effective communication and the role they can play in helping to make bid campaigns successful.

Universal laws such as: the law of cause and effect; the law of relativity; the law of transmutation. Hugh will also refer to Pythagoras, and Archimedes’ theorem of displacement

The key conclusion will be that obeying the universal laws is critical to ensuring effective communication.