Richard Houseago

Making lessons learned work

Richard-HouseagoImproving the performance of bid teams with lessons learned activity

About Richard

Richard has worked extensively in the defence industry both as a supplier and customer. He currently works for a major defence contractor. He is a systems engineer with a broad engineering background working on aerospace and defence projects.

For the last ten years he has worked as a bid manager for Thales, working on bids of all sizes. Richard is a member of the APMP bid processes and guidance community of interest and focuses on improving the way to win business through bids and proposals. His MBA thesis looked at the use of applying game theory to improving success rates and the critical success factors involved in winning business through bidding.


Most companies mandate that their bid teams conduct lessons learned activity after the bid. This talk explores the ways that this can be improved and it looks at ways in which the output can be used to make bid teams more effective.

It looks at the reasons why errors are often repeated, even after they have been identified in lessons learned sessions. It goes on to discuss the ways that organisations can build on the lessons learned and create more effective bid teams.