Michael White

Be careful what you say

2-Michael-WhiteHow to ensure that that bid teams win the bid but don’t lose the money.

Providing guidance on ensuring that you accurately capture your bidding assumptions and customer dependencies whilst fully understanding and costing the commitments you make in your proposal.

About Michael

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in directing and managing multi-disciplinary bid teams in the defence, telecoms, construction, facilities management, education, aircraft, engineering, rail, franchising, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Michael has established and managed bid departments and undertaken numerous bid process implementations.

A member of the APMP for eight years, this is his seventh UK conference.


This presentation focuses the importance of undertaking a comprehensive approach to capturing, assessing and publicising the assumptions and customer dependencies associated with your proposal.

If they are not captured and included in the proposal and subsequent contract you are not protected contractually and may well have to absorb additional cost.

The talk also addresses the importance of understanding the commitments which you make in your proposal and ensuring they are captured in the cost base. Any commitments which are not fully understood will also have cost implications.

Bid preparation is often dynamic and solution changes are made for various reasons, including price to win activity. It is important that such changes are communicated across the team to ensure the proposal and cost model are totally aligned.