Joby Blume

Winning value propositions

Joby-Blume-HeadshotCreate compelling and persuasive value propositions that articulate why your prospect should choose you. Use these to structure your bid communication and pitch.

About Joby

Joby is co-founder of BrightCarbon, the specialist sales presentation agency.

Joby has helped to write 1000s of sales presentations and coached hundreds of bid teams to success, in fields as diverse as construction, medical diagnostics, insurance, financial services, IT, and FM. He’s helped his clients to win £bns of new business. He has also worked as a speechwriter and editor.

Joby has a BA in PPE from Oxford, an MA in Education from the Hebrew University and an MBA from Manchester Business School.


One of the most critical aspects of any bid is the value positioning that you offer the prospect. From the outset of your bid process, you need to identify the client’s explicit and implicit needs, assess the competitive landscape, and come up with the best possible answer to the question: why us?

This session examines the components of an effective value proposition, provides a straightforward process to help you craft yours, and then shows you how to weave it into all aspects of communication so that your bid is shaped by winning themes.

The session will also explore the way in which you present your value proposition at the end of the process, to ensure that during those final moments you can clearly articulate the reasons why your prospects should select you.

It will also reveal how bid teams should answer questions and engage in dialogue with the audience - ensuring you capitalise on your capture strategy and get the right result.