Robert S. Katz

Compelling solutions through solutioneering

Head Shot - Robert KatzSolutioneering: a radical way to learn to live and breathe the customer. A suite of disciplined solution engineering approaches which guide us in developing winning proposals using proven intelligence community analysis methods.

About Robert

BD& Capture mentor by day, firefighter-paramedic by night. As an innovative thought leader, Robert has proudly conceived, captured, proposed and executed countless rewarding initiatives to serve his community, his country and our allies. These have included complex command and control and geospatial intelligence gathering systems.

He has provided leadership to (among others) MIT, John Hopkins, Navy, Army, Air Force, NASA, The Pentagon, CIA and the State and Treasury Departments. Before starting up his global not-for-profit organisation, for 10 years Robert worked as a principal BD executive for a number of major corporations including Lockheed Martin, establishing completely new homeland security and defence markets from scratch in the US, India, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, France, Norway, Germany and Belgium.


Introducing solutioneering - the most innovative approach to crafting on-target proposal solutions.

Solutioneering is a suite of well-established engineering methodologies which include rigorous tools and techniques to construct robust proposal solutions.

These can help us to differentiate ourselves in our technical and management submissions. Through methodically disciplined, interactive facilitation, we can engage clients and stakeholders to create optimal processes, products, and architectures.

To do more with less, we must get it right the first time. We spend countless hours on covers, timelines, resumes, and prices. However, we often pay less attention to the heart of our offering - the solution.

Solutioneering will change that.