Paul Deighton

Sustainable capture

Paul DeightonAfter attending this presentation, participants will have an insight into how some of the world’s leading companies have built a sustainable rather than a transient capture capability.

About Paul

The client solutions director of Shipley Limited, Paul is co-author of BDCMM (version 2.0) – the definitive sales and bidding best practice model. He has incorporated into the new edition a decade of experience in putting the first version into practice.

He has led Shipley’s capability consulting practice since 2003 and in that time he has supported clients in the defence, security, healthcare, engineering, banking, IT, aerospace and telecoms sectors in the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East. One of the main areas of his work has been helping clients to build sustainable capture capability.

Paul’s background is in engineering, programme management and business improvement. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and an APMP professional.


Capture could be described as positioning to win before the RFP. The essence of Sustainable capture is embedding that positioning into the very fabric of the organisation - eliminating reliance on individual heroics, luck or both.

This presentation will introduce the BD-CMM 2.0’s approach to sustainable capture. Released in 2013, the APMP owned and authorised BDCMM 2.0 builds on a decade of research, benchmarking and practical experience to create the definitive template for sales and bidding excellence.

Paul will discuss the eight BDCMM 2.0 sustainability factors involved in transforming an organisation from one which routinely responds to unexpected customer requirements to one which helps to define those requirements - with the full support and collaboration of the wider organisation.