Graham Hutchinson & Martin Kaye

APMP benefits, communications and social media

Graham-HutchinsonEnsure you maximise membership benefits and information resources available at your disposal.

About Martin and Graham

Martin joined APMP in 2005 and currently serves on APMP UK board as Membership Director.

Graham joined APMP in 2004. A presentation to an APMP UK Chapter Meeting in September 2010 inspired the then Chapter Secretary to seek a volunteer to develop the Chapter’s promotion through social media. As a result, Graham has developing a LinkedIn following for the Chapter of nearly 1,000 and has subsequently taken-on responsibility for the content of the APMP UK web site.


This session will introduce you to the benefits of APMP membership, explain the content and differences between the US and UK websites and give details of the communication methods we use to keep in contact with you.

During this interactive session, we welcome your feedback on whether we are getting this right and if there is a better way of keeping in touch.