Mark Whitley

Delivering collaborative capture skills

Mark WhitleyHow Arqiva used up-skilling of multi-disciplinary capture teams to win business transforming opportunities and deliver a sustainable capacity to win good business

About Mark

Mark is a proposal manager within Arqiva’s the telecoms business unit. He leads virtual and physical teams managing all aspects of the business development lifecycle and targeted at every sector in which Arqiva operates. Passionate about developing himself and others, his career has centred on understanding customers and meeting their needs.


In 2010, Arqiva embarked on an ambitious training plan to up-skill their business winning teams to improve their ability to win strategic business. Arqiva needed their bid teams to embrace a new, best practice approach to opportunity capture to support complex bids, competitive dialogue and preparation of effective written proposals.

The approach made coaching and training an intrinsic part of the capture phase aimed at specific customer opportunities. This has delivered success by winning opportunities and, as importantly, created a sustainable internal capture capability and development framework.

Mark Whitley will explain how this innovative approach to implementing capture practices was planned, achieved and measured.