Fela Hughes

Centralising bid teams for fun & profit!

Fela HughesFind out the pros & cons of centralised bid teams and gain valuable insights into how to actually deliver them without your colleagues and customers hating you - and you losing your mind and job.

About Fela

Fela Hughes is the Managing Director of Quadrigal, a Barcelona based consultancy specialising in bid process optimisation. Prior to that he was bid process owner for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Hewlett-Packard, latterly responsible for building its centralised document management hub in Spain. With more than 10 years’ experience in improving sales processes in environments as diverse as Bracknell, Barcelona and Bucharest, he recognises the pitfalls that make many a well-intentioned project fail – and the practical steps needed to ensure a centralised bid team delivers on its promises of excellence and efficiency.


In many companies bids are produced by a variety of people - with different roles following different processes in different departments, often at different locations. In this talk Fela will cover:

  • The variety of bid team structures that typically exists in companies.
  • The pros and cons of each structure.
  • The pros and cons of bringing everyone involved in producing bids into one team, both virtually and physically.
  • The steps and actions necessary to successfully implement the project: technology, training, communication, buy-in.
  • How to integrate into existing bid teams and processes.
  • The risks and key factors for success.

He will draw on his first hand experience, with particular reference to the project to centralise document management in Hewlett-Packard. What went right; what went wrong; and what the conclusions were.