Simon Morton

Pitch presentations: a blended approach

Simon MortonEvery business needs its pitch to stand out. Using modern technology and delivery requires a delicate balance. Making the most of innovation without overshadowing your message is crucial.

About Simon

Simon's early career within a global technology company exposed him to more PowerPoint presentations than was good for him. Instead of crumbling, Simon decided to tackle the problem head on.
In 2004, he founded Eyeful Presentations with one aim: to rid the world of ‘death by PowerPoint’. Since then, Eyeful has evolved into a partner for global businesses, enabling them to better communicate their messages and engage with their audiences.

Launched in 2013, Eyeful Labs is an immersive environment for presentation specialists to gather, sharing thoughts, ideas and methodologies. The team develops presentations in all standard formats as well as interactive whiteboard and good old-fashioned hard copy, whilst also addressing delivery skills and new thinking around the future of presentations.


Simon will introduce the audience to the theory and practice of blended presenting - a proven method of ensuring audience engagement by using different delivery tools. In the competitive pitch scenario, this method enables a business to convey key messages such as ROI, operational excellence and cost value analysis whilst developing a lasting audience rapport.
This style of interaction provides the perfect platform to introduce new technologies in a way that enhances your pitch presentation. It also lends itself perfectly to the group pitch, allowing each member of the team to play their part in a natural and high impact way.

The session will take you through positive and proactive ways to use technology, at the same time – and possibly more importantly - highlighting the pitfalls. Simon’s friendly approach and easy to understand delivery style makes his seminar sessions enjoyable - he inspires his audience into changing their presentation style, and expectations, forever.