Ben Woodley

Case study: End to end proposal quality

Ben-Woodley-June-2012Proposal quality has to be built in, not added on.
How Telefónica’s proposal teams used quality approaches learned from project management to improve the winning quality of their proposals.

About Ben

Ben Woodley AM.APMP
Ben Woodley manages a team of bid managers supporting private sector and multinational customers within Telefónica’s bid and contract team. Ben has worked in bid and proposal management in Telecommunications for 13 years, first at BTGS and now Telefónica. Telefónica won the National Sales Awards 2012 “Sales support team of the year” and are current Huthwaite International sales team of the year.


This case study examines how Telefónica approached proposal quality improvement in a fast moving proposal environment.
Telefónica’s leveraged sales support model is lean with bid managers taking the lead on all aspects of offer preparation, including contracts. Short response cycles means there is little time or scope for ‘pens down’ team reviews in dispersed, often international, pursuit teams.
The presenters will show how Telefónica created an approach that:

  • is scalable and light touch
  • keeps the bid managers in control
  • uses best practices from project management
  • monitors quality end-to-end from win plan to finished offer
  • is supported by simple tools and checklists
  • does not depend on colour team reviews.

They will describe how they put this into practice and share their experience in introducing the new approach. This will include the pitfalls they encountered and how they overcame them, and hints on establishing success criteria for implementation.