Cynthia C. Hollinsworth

How to win BIG in China

Cynthia HollinsworthHow to be successful in winning mega deals. Understand cultural do’s and don’ts. Gain knowledge of key topics in Asian contracts. Ensure you get paid

About Cynthia

Cynthia has over 20 years’ experience in international contracts and has negotiated in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Fluent in French and German, Cynthia is a member of IACCM and was elected Fellow of the Institute of Export in 2013.

While working for several years in the US, she was appointed lead subject matter expert for the NASBITE (North American Small Business International Trade Educators) Certified Global Business Professional Exam (, and also worked with universities to develop on-line training courses for the trade finance domain of the exam.

Since 2010 Cynthia has been working for Siemens Enterprise Communications as Director Global Contracts Management. Last year she received a Gold Acclaim Award in special recognition of her contribution to the business.


How will our bid be evaluated?

Cultural do’s and don’ts in China -
Guanxi (relationships), Mianzi (face) and the practice of Confucius. How do they relate to business and influence your success or failure?

Business meeting etiquette – e.g. body language, business cards, giving gifts.
Should I shake hands with my Chinese customer? If my Chinese customer nods, what does it mean?

Key contract topics in Asia - how do we overcoming legal obstacles? What about language? What can we cover in the contract? Can we use templates? Are Asian customers becoming Westernised? How do we get paid?