Scott Keyser & Arsim Shillova

Capture planning & management: is it for SMEs?

photo-Scott-ArsimIs capture planning and management just a game for the big boys - or can it be simplified and applied by SMEs to boost their chances of winning bids?

About Scott & Arsim

Scott Keyser is an international BD consultant who helps organisations connect with their clients and prospects to make their sales messages clear, concise and compelling. He helped Ernst & Young UK to double its tender win-rate, has trained staff of 'The Economist' in writing skills since 2004 and has written a book on proposals best practice, due out in November 2013.

Arsim Shillova is a capture management specialist and international BD professional who has worked globally with large private and public sector clients. Arsim has extensive experience in capture team development, capture planning and win strategy development. He is skilled in delivering effective business solutions to optimise bid management and secure major wins in the defence & security, GEO and IT sectors.


Bidding for business is tough, even if you’re spoilt for resources. But if you’re a resource-strapped SME, it can be enough to put you off bidding altogether. Scott and Arsim have developed a new tendering approach to help SMEs compete with the Big Boys in their industry without it costing the earth – or the business.

It’s a simple approach called ‘SME Bid in a Box’ that comprises two stages: ‘Capture’ and ‘Propose’.

‘Capture’ entails:

  • identifying your ideal market and opportunities in that market through desktop research
  • pre-qualifying those opportunities and narrowing them down to a handful of realistic, winnable ones
  • meeting the buyer(s) face-to-face pre-tender and capturing vital information about them, their organisation and the opportunity

‘Propose’ is about turning that inside track into a tailored, persuasive bid where each buyer recognises themselves in the proposed solution. You will hear how simple writing skills and page design, allied to the right client information, can win bids.

Advocating bold, early engagement with the buyer(s) to pre-empt the bidding process, this talk will make the case for SMEs taking back some control of their business development destiny.