Dr Janet Curran

Winning the everyday negotiation battles

Janet-CurranBid professionals engage in negotiations of one kind or another every day: with internal colleagues as well as customers and prospects. Understand the processes and behaviours that achieve win-win outcomes.

About Janet

Dr Janet Curran is Head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite International.

With a PhD in retail marketing, Janet brings extensive experience of academic research in applying Huthwaite’s unique methodology. The author of our latest study "Creating and Capturing Value", she works with bid teams to help them develop their internal relationships and influence. She also develops sales competency frameworks and implements effective coaching strategies to support behaviour change, as well as measuring the impact of training interventions.

Before joining Huthwaite, Janet worked as a consultant in the banking, retail and public sectors. She speaks fluent Spanish and has a diploma in Spanish and Latin American studies.


This talk will focus on the situation bid managers often find themselves in - when they need to push back against a request. How can bid managers challenge colleagues and customers in a way that is collaborative and constructive? Which behaviours enable bid managers to say no, yet still reach agreement with another party - whether internal or external?

The presentation will look at creative ways in which bid managers can trade various options in order to reach an outcome that is workable and acceptable to both sides. It will also focus on the behaviours which enable bid managers to build a climate of trust with other parts of the business and convey the value of what they do. All of the behavioural input will be based on Huthwaite’s research into effective negotiation