Jon Williams

Fifty Shades of Great

Jon WilliamsIs proposal development a pleasure - or is it painful for you? Are your proposals compelling, creative and dynamic - or merely grey? Does your organisation take a disciplined approach to proposal development - or does your team need to be whipped into shape?

About Jon

A Fellow of APMP, Jon Williams served as UKAPMP’s first Chief Executive in 2001/2. He has spoken at over twenty APMP events worldwide and is recognised as one of our profession's most entertaining and informative presenters.

Jon started his career in procurement, and served as a board director of Europe's leading strategic purchasing consultancy. He set up and managed Compaq’s Strategic Bid Centre, increasing win rates to over 80%, before founding Strategic Proposals’ UK business in 2001. He has since worked with sales organisations in over thirty countries – helping them to benchmark and improve their capabilities and to capture must-win deals, and delivering acclaimed training courses.

Jon is co-author of ‘The Proposal Guys' blog and of the forthcoming book 'Proposal Essentials'.


Using a parody of a certain book, two proposal masters will offer fifty proposal essentials that will allow you to submit your proposals without fear. Whether you are a proposal virgin or a proposal master, this entertaining – and somewhat risqué - session will provide you with practical, easy to apply tips to test and improve your proposal capabilities.

Presented to great acclaim at this year’s APMP worldwide conference (“Hilarious, embarrassing, and insightful all at once!”; “I love how they tied a ‘risky’ and engaging topic to proposal essentials!”) - the proposal version of “Fifty shades” now hits the UK.