Richard Bannon (APMP UK Board)

Achieving practitioner certification

Richard BannonPresenting the refresh for the PPAQ. How to maximise the probability of achieving certification at the next level.

About Richard Bannon

As Director of Education and Certification for the APMP UK Board, Richard is continually seeking new ways to add value to membership of the association in these areas.

He gained professional accreditation in 2009 and is now an examiner at this level. He is a mentor for members working towards practitioner level.

Having been a proposal manager for several decades, Richard now works earlier in the capture cycle supporting Lockheed Martin bid teams preparing for proposals. His mission as part of capture operations is to increase the probability of wins by ensuring that proper preparation prevents poor proposal performance.


Completion of the practitioner PPAQ can seem a daunting task. Richard presents some of the APMP tools, tips and support available in setting out to achieve the next level of certification, which has just been refreshed.

This presentation will provide you with a clear plan towards completion of your PPAQ and achieving practitioner certification. It will show the essential steps required and methods of achieving the next level.

The session will cover:

Getting Started: overview of APMP certification, including current and future plans of APMP.

Why do the practitioner course? The business case; the practitioner process (PPAQ, reference, costs and timing); support from APMP website.

Taking the first steps: on-line tutorial; quick start workshops; finding a mentor; doing a self assessment; how to shape your answers, (with examples).

Finishing strongly: filling the gaps (where more experience is needed); completion workshops; working with your mentor for “right first time” success.