Bill Foster

Bids after Brontë, Ransome & Simenon

Bill-FosterWould-be writers are often told to read widely before picking up a pen. Bill Foster believes proposals also benefit from such scrutiny and often uses classics in storyboard and wider training.

About Bill

Next January, Bill Foster marks 20 years in bids, 15 of these leading bid consultancy and training at Foster Brandt.

Bill’s key interests are in bid analysis; tool creation; and higher-level writing. He is also an experienced bid scorer, who has devised scoring and specifications across Europe.

Although new to APMP, Bill is known across the UK as trainer and mentor to 4,200+ bidders via open and in-house programmes.

Beyond the UK, Bill has specialised in grants work, including bringing ex-combatant communities together in reconstruction projects in Bosnia. In Brussels his roles have included running and improving EU bid frameworks.

In 2009-10, Bill led a team devising the BID4 response model, created from a bid scorer perspective.

Bill also draws on skills acquired from spending ten years in journalism and TV.

Hugh Graham

Hugh-GrahamHow the laws of physics can help you win more bids

  • Communication obeys the fundamental laws of the universe
  • Why face to face communications are so important in this high tech age
  • The role of rapport, trust & credibility in decision making

About Hugh

Hugh has many years’ experience in senior sales, marketing and account management positions, working for well-known brands such a Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, SC Johnson and Littlewoods.

The Bid Coach delivers communications support based solely around new business opportunities that you are working towards winning.

This means we most often work with your team when they are shortlisted for a “must win” project and the client asks to interview the operational operations team as part of the selection process.

We work with them to develop their communication skills and techniques, team-working skills and awareness of non-verbal communication signals.

Richard Houseago

Making lessons learned work

Richard-HouseagoImproving the performance of bid teams with lessons learned activity

About Richard

Richard has worked extensively in the defence industry both as a supplier and customer. He currently works for a major defence contractor. He is a systems engineer with a broad engineering background working on aerospace and defence projects.

For the last ten years he has worked as a bid manager for Thales, working on bids of all sizes. Richard is a member of the APMP bid processes and guidance community of interest and focuses on improving the way to win business through bids and proposals. His MBA thesis looked at the use of applying game theory to improving success rates and the critical success factors involved in winning business through bidding.

Dave McCormack

Innovation and the use of 3D printing

dave mccormackHow we can use the 3D world in the production of models. Point cloud scanning technologies and other innovative solutions to enhance bid offerings.

About Dave

Dave has been producing and enhancing submissions for a range of clients for over 18 years. From the early days of PFI, he has worked with clients to enhance their submissions, developing a number of techniques and workflow concepts to ensure that clients save time and money.

Dave leads Hobs in the development of bidding services and has been at the forefront of the developments in digital and hard copy technologies. By crossing all the company’s service strands, he is in a unique position to offer advice and guidance to clients on how to improve their value propositions.

We continually investigate ways to enhance our clients’ presentations and submissions, and strive to lead digital innovation.

Robert Weaver

Breaking out of the sector silo

Robert.weaverA personal perspective on the status of the profession of bid management. This entertaining talk will consider the question of whether subject matter expertise is a necessity for bid managers.

About Robert

An experienced bid manager, Rob Weaver passed the APMP’s foundation exam in October 2012.

He is responsible for managing complex bids along the bid management cycle and spends much of his time challenging sales and senior colleagues to reflect customer priorities in bid material.

Rob has worked extensively as bid manager, bid writer and strategic consultant in sectors including security, aviation, criminal justice, training & education and offender learning. He has been responsible for winning work from a myriad of public and private sector clients.
Formerly Rob was a contracts manager in the public sector, overseeing the procurement of business support and training services.