Caspar Berry - Keynote Speaker

Caspar Berry

The APMP UK is delighted to welcome Caspar Berry as a keynote speaker to this year’s conference. An expert poker player, Caspar brings his understanding and experience of what it takes win at the gaming table to the world of business.

Success at poker depends on a precise understanding of both risk and psychology – and an ability to put the winning strategy into effect when under severe pressure. Such skills could hardly be more relevant to bid teams operating in today’s business environment.

Perfectly supporting this year’s theme of ‘Capture Strategy - the Moves to Win’, Casper‘s presentation will provide conference participants with practical insights to assist bid decision-making. He will address the cause of risk aversion among humans and answer the question: why we are reluctant to embrace short term failures for long term gain? He will enable participants to turn their own natural risk aversion into a motivational tool to achieve better long term results. Using poker as a backdrop, this will be a fun and highly engaging presentation that will appeal to all



  • Managing Risk
  • Motivation
  • Innovation and Persuasion
  • Fundamentals of Risk
  • Decision Making in poker, Business
A recent attendee remarked: “Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside speaker I have ever seen.” - Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Nestle

Sir Clive Woodward - Keynote Speaker

Sir Clive WoodwardHeadlining this year’s keynote speaker line up is Sir Clive Woodward, the Director of Elite Performance at the British Olympic Association.  With a track record of successful sporting and business achievements, Sir Clive Woodward will give conference participants a compelling insight into what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of business and professional sport.

Sir Clive's outstanding accomplishments lie in his ability to communicate and instil challenging ideas  and apply proven methods  that transform teams into more than their constituent parts


  • Leadership, Teamship and Partnership
  • Building High
  • Performance Teams
  • Creating True Partnerships
  • Winning Mindset
  • Going 'Beyond Number One'
  • Life Pyschology of Failure and Success

After retiring as a player Sir Clive began his remarkable coaching career as the first ever full-time professional head coach of the England rugby union team. Sir Clive immediately abandoned traditional practice by introducing business principles to the role – combining the setting of long term goals for the team with personal development programmes tailored to the needs of the individual. By combining modern business and sporting techniques, he revolutionised the way the game was coached and played. This led to the transformation of the national side and the ultimate glory of winning the Rugby World Cup in Sydney 2003.

According to a participant at a recent Metropolitan Police leadership conference, Sir Clive gave an “Excellent presentation of his approach to work. Memorable content with detailed, well thought-out examples which made it easy to consider applying his learning and personal philosophy to our leadership practices. The presentation made me think, and has caused me to reflect on my applications to my work" Metropolitan Police
Sir Clive's outstanding accomplishments lie in his ability to communicate and instil challenging ideas  and apply proven methods  that transform teams into more than their constituent parts. An impressive and accomplished speaker, Sir Clive’s presentation is a must-attend session at this year’s conference